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VDMC - Enter: The Madness [Superpak]

VDMC - Enter: The Madness [Superpak]


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Enter: The Madness, a concept album that deals with issues such as mental disorders and all that entails is sure to capture attention with its crazy unique theme and style…

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  1. Prelude To The Madness (skit)
  2. Running
  3. We're Here To Help (skit)
  4. CRAZY
  5. The Internal Discussion (skit)
  6. This Town (feat. BenjaminFRIDAY, Alanah Schupbach)
  7. Zoe's Song
  8. The Madness
  9. The Struggle (skit)
  10. Home For A Bullet (feat. Lucid Hiest)
  11. The Aftermath (skit)
  12. Enter: Ego (skit)
  13. Back In The Day (feat. IllEvilHater, Danegerous, Tra'zae)
  14. Enter: Id (skit)
  15. Gangsta Dream
  16. Consciousness Returns (skit)
  17. Life In A Bubble
  18. Focus (skit)
  19. This Stage (feat. Miriam, Element.X, Exile Twin)
  20. Long Time Coming
  21. My D.A.D
  22. Time To Shine (skit)
  23. Voodoo Wicked Style (feat. MOJ)
  24. How Ya Like Me?
  25. Reality (skit)
  26. The End
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