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Killer Theory - Sick 'n' Psycho [2CD] [Limited Edition]

Killer Theory - Sick 'n' Psycho [2CD] [Limited Edition]


Set to blow speakers and rip heads, the second studio release from Killer Theory is nothing to be scoffed at. Clocking in at 24 tracks on two discs, this monster of an album will have your ears ringing and head banging for hours on end.



  1. Intro****tion
  2. Not So Cool
  3. Tomorrow
  4. Sick 'n' Tired
  5. Sex Scene
  6. Give Me a Hell Yeah
  7. Attack of the Shrooms
  8. Mac Attack
  9. Envy
  10. Filthy
  11. Who I Am
  12. The Underground Family (feat. Servo, Nemesis, KidCrusher)


  1. Too Much Fun (feat. Dave Wallis of Gunt)
  2. Ghost Train
  3. Journal of Murder (First Entry)
  4. Haters
  5. Stink C***
  6. (You Can Call Me Your) Stalker Man
  7. Journal of Murder (Second Entry)
  8. Extraordinary League of Killers (feat. T-Bone, Sirverted, DVS)
  9. Sick 'n' Psycho
  10. The Ocean
  11. Journal of Murder (Third Entry)
  12. The Basement II
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