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IllEvilHater - Maggot

IllEvilHater - Maggot


Sold Out

IllEvilHater is back with a brutal mix of party tracks to help you and yours 'Get Ya Maggot On'!

A FREE full-length album, clocking in at 14 skullbashing tracks - Illy's not only out to get your party started, he's out to set it aflame!



  1. Maniac Maggot
  2. Sick Inside
  3. Rise Up
  4. Party Song (feat. Killer Theory, DVS)
  5. Get Ya Maggot On (feat. DVS)
  6. A Perfect View (feat. Voodoo)
  7. Hot Box (feat. DVS)
  8. E.C.S (East Coast Stoners) (feat. BMC of HMN Samples)
  9. Munchies
  10. Scientific Drug Abuse
  11. Bender (The Long Weekend)
  12. Open Minded
  13. That Drunk
  14. Drunk Driving
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